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2020-05-13 (15:22:29)
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[FAQ] The Postponement of the 74th WFC

[Updated Date: 2020.05.13]


1. Why is 74th WFC in 2020 postponed?

We, the 74th WFC Organizers have carefully monitored the COVID-19 crisis in many countries including Korea, and the uncertainty of COVID-19 pandemic and strengthening travel restrictions around the world compelled us to postpone the 74th WFC on behalf of the health and safety of the world foundry communities.The decision was not taken lightly, but after taking advice and many hours of investigation and discussion, and the Secretariat and Executives of the WFO have fully supported the decision by the organizers. The positive to be taken from this is the event when it is reimagined in 2022 will be a celebration of the strength and resilience of our industry. This raised certain discussion points relating to future planned events but it was confirmed this was the right decision.


2. Why is 74th WFC in 2020 postponed to 2022, not 2021?

The background of the two-year postponement was raised by The WFO directors from each country because of the many reasons as follows:

a. the possibility of the personal illness onset and contagion in a big international congress
b. the strengthened travel restrictions around the world
c. the negative feelings about travelling amid spreading the Covid-19
d. the difficulties to get an approve of business travel
e. the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic
f. the reducing the numbers of the registrations and participation
g. the difficulties dealing with successively planned events afterwards, especially in the year of 2021.


3. Are all the events associated with 74th WFC in 2020 postponed as well?

All ancillary events, including WFO Ferrous forum and special sessions such as the Introduction of Asian Foundry are also postponed.


4. How will we handle registration, prepaid Exhibition fee or sponsorship refunds?

If you have already registered, you may:

a. Defer your registration, prepaid Exhibition fee or sponsorship to 2022
If you are able, we would appreciate your deferring of your registration, prepaid Exhibition fee or sponsorship until WFC in 2022. The 74th WFC will be held Oct.16-20 in Busan, Korea.

b. Request a refund By request, we will refund your registration fee, prepaid Exhibition fee or sponsorship.

Please refer the Refund policy in the 74th WFC website and submit your chosen request by email to the 74th WFC Secretariat. (


5. Will attendees be refunded for airline tickets?

No, we will not refund individual airline ticket costs. Please contact your airline directly regarding ticket cancellations. If you purchased travel insurance, please contact your provider for information and next steps.


6. What will happen to my already submitted abstract?

a. We would return all the authorities and copyrights to the original authors of the submitted abstracts to the 74th WFC in 2020.
b. We would not publish the Proceedings of the 74th WFC in 2020, since it has been postponed. Therefore, authors are free to transfer their submitted abstracts to the other conferences or journals without getting permission from us.
c. But still you can keep your submitted abstract until the rescheduled 74th WFC in 2022. If you want to submit the same abstract and request us to keep your abstracts until the 74TH WFC in 2022, please contact us by email (


The FAQs are subject to be updated.

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