Works Visit

※This version is for the 74th WFC 2020 so that the reservation is not available. It is subject to change according to the circumstances in 2022.

Tour Reservation Process

Tour Reservation Process
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Click   the Online Registration button Sign up or log into the registration system Choose each option for tour Confirm all the reservation and invoice for payment of tour
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Reservation for Tour

  • Registered participants and accompanying persons can attend.
  • Admission and soft drinks included.
  • The course is subject to change according to the circumstances.
  • The deadline of pre-reservation is 18th September 2020.
  • The course is subject to be cancelled if the participants for each course doesn’t reach minimum number.

Refund Cancellation Policy for Tour

Refund Cancellation Policy for Tour
Date of Cancellation Refund Policies
From June 17, 2020 – By August 17, 2020 50% Refund
From August 18, 2020 – By September 18, 2020 10% Refund
From September 19, 2020 No Refund

The Works Visit courses are subject to change according to the circumstances of each company.

Works visit consists of manufacturing company visits and foundry visit nearby Busan area. This program will provide comprehensive understanding of the technology standards of manufacturing society and the benchmark of the Korean foundry.New business opportunities will be expected to make through the works visit.

  Company Name Remarks
Large-sized Manufacturing Companies POSCO Steelmaking
Hyundai Heavy Industries Ship-building and Large castings
Hyundai Motor Assembly line
Namyang Metals Ductile iron and Ni-resist
Foundries Hanhwang Industry Ductile Iron
Yeonghwa Metal Gray Cast Iron
Castec Korea Gray Cast Iron
Doosan Heavy Industries Cast Steel and Parts for Nuclear Plant
MCM Automotive Parts
Sungil SIM Pipe Bending
Sentrol 3D Printing
Dongnam Precision Non-ferrous and Automotive Parts
DR Axion Non-ferrous and Cylinder Head
Samyoung M-Tek Cast Steels and Machinery

* The works visit program is subject to change and the detailed information will be announced through the forthcoming newsletter and this web page.