City Tour

※This version is for the 74th WFC 2020 so that the reservation is not available. It is subject to change according to the circumstances in 2022.

Tour Reservation Process

Tour Reservation Process
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Click   the Online Registration button Sign up or log into the registration system Choose each option for tour Confirm all the reservation and invoice for payment of tour
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Reservation for Tour

  • Registered participants and accompanying persons can attend.
  • It is included in the accompanying program (City tour only).
  • Admission and soft drinks included.
  • The course is subject to change according to the circumstances.
  • The deadline of pre-reservation is 18th September 2020.
  • The course is subject to be cancelled if the participants for each course doesn’t reach minimum number.

Refund Cancellation Policy for Tour

Refund Cancellation Policy for Tour
Date of Cancellation Refund Policies
From June 17, 2020 – By August 17, 2020 50% Refund
From August 18, 2020 – By September 18, 2020 10% Refund
From September 19, 2020 No Refund
  Oct. 19 (Mon.) Oct. 20 (Tue.) Oct. 21 (Wed.)
Course A Gukje Market ▶ Songdo Skywalk ▶ Songdo Air Cruise Haedong YonggungsaTemple▶ Shinsagae Duty Free Shop Beomeosa Temple/Tea Ceremony(Dahdo)
Course B Busan Jogakbo Museum ▶ Moontan Road Cafe, Gallery UN Memorial Cemetery ▶ Hwangryeong Mountain Oryukdo Skywalk ▶ Igidae Coastal Walk
Price USD 40 USD 30 USD 40

Oct. 19 (Mon.)

Course A

Gukje Market

This market was used as a place where Japanese sold war materials after Korea’s independence. Consisting of the Nampo-dong and Bupyeong Night Markets, as well as the Changseon-dong Eatery Alley, etc., it forms a large-scale tourist attraction.

Songdo Skywalk

The Maritime Walking Course, which opened in June 2015, is the longest and the first curve-shaped skywalk in Korea, Guest can walk along the skywalk to reach an observatory that hovers above the middle of the sea.

Songdo Air Cruise

From Songlim Park east of Songdo Beach to Amnam Park west of Songdo Beach, you can enjoy the thrill of being in the middle of the sea, as well as Songdo Beach, Busan Yeongdo and Namhang Bridge, Songdo Coastal Dulle Road, and the surfacing cliffs.

Course B

Busan Jogakbo Museum

The Juchun Sculpture Museum is the only museum in Korea that specializes in Jogakbo that are reproduced and created by master Kim Soon-hyang throughout her life.(“Jogakbo” means Quilt in Korean.)

Moontan Road Cafe, Gallery

This hillside path extends from Haeundae to Songjeong along the seaside, edged with rows of cherry trees and pine trees. Because of its marvelous view, it is beloved as a pleasant drive and romantic place. You can see art galleries, cafes, luxurious restaurants, and more, here and there, each with their own unique atmosphere.

Oct. 20 (Tue.)

Course A

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

It is said that at least one of the wishes of someone who prays sincerely at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is surely granted. The endless extended blue sea at the southernmost end of the East Sea will make your wishes more earnest.

Shinsagae Duty Free Shop

Shinsagae Department Store was listed as the World’s Largest Department Store in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2009, and the record still stands. There is also Duty Free Shop which is shopping paradise for travelers.

Course B

UN Memorial Cemetery

It is composed of diverse exhibition halls which reproduce scenes of the Korean War. You can look around themed places such as the permanent exhibition halls, special exhibitions, a 4-D theater, and observatory. Also, UN Memorial Park is a great place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature in the city.

Hwangryeong Mountain

While you may drive to the point of entry into the Hwangnyeong Mountain, you need to walk a little in order to get to the lounge. Park your car in the public parking lot and walk just a bit toward the Bongsudae.(Korean Traditional Beacon) The lounge features an observatory above the ground and an underground cafeteria.

Oct. 21 (Wed.)

Course A

Beomeosa Temple /
Tea Ceremony(Dahdo)

A temple founded by Buddhist Master Uisang during King Mumnu’s reign in Silla is one of the three major temples in the Yeongnam Region including Haeinsa Temple and Tongdosa Temple. With a trail through a grove of soaring bamboo stalks and blooming apricot flowers in spring, it is a serene spot to feel peace and quiet.

Course B

Oryukdo Skywalk

Taking in a thrilling feast of waves 30 meters below, the transparent U-shaped floor of the Oryukdo Skywalk makes people feel as if they were flying in the sky. As a junction where the East and South seas meet, this site is emerging as a new attraction and has been steadily attracting tourists since its opening in 2013. Be sure not to forget to wear your overshoes when walking on this bridge, as they are required and provided at the entrance.

Igidae Coastal Walk

This is where you can see Gwangan Bridge at a slightly different angle. It is a hidden view point whose real view is known to only a few people. The coastal walk gives you a chance to appreciate this area’s natural beauty of the sea and jagged cliffs. Particularly, it commands a world-class night view of Marine City as well as Gwangan Bridge.