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View Point – Natural Beauty, Tour Spot, Historic Site

Natural Beauty

  • Haeundae Beach

    Haeundae Beach

    Going beyond Busan, Haeundae is beloved throughout the country as a vacation spot. It teems with so many attractive places such as 5-star hotels, restaurants, and an aquarium. In addition, it boasts outstanding popularity and receives more than million tourists annually, particularly in the summer season. Haeundae is a must-visit sitewhen you visit Busan.

  • Dalmaji-gil Road

    Dalmaji-gil Road

    The visualized effect of moonlight is said to influence people’s emotions. Let’s go to Moontan Road, the pride of Busan, where you can walk in the moonlight. It is usually called Dalmaji-gil. This hillside path extends from Haeundae to Songjeong along the seaside, edged with rows of cherry trees and pine trees. Because of its marvelous view, itis beloved as a pleasant drive and romantic place. You can see art galleries, cafes, luxurious restaurants, and more, here and there, eachwith their own unique atmosphere.

  • Igidae Coastal Walk

    Igidae Coastal Walk

    This is where you can see Gwangan Bridge at a slightly different angle. It is a hidden view point whose real view is known to only a few people. The coastal walk gives you a chance to appreciate this area’s natural beauty of the sea and jagged cliffs. Particularly, it commands a world-class night view of Marine City as well as Gwangan Bridge.

  • Songdo Beach & Skywalk

    Songdo Beach & Skywalk

    The Maritime Walking Course, which opened in June 2015, is the longest and the first curve-shaped skywalk in Korea, Guest can walk along the skywalk to reach an observatory that hovers above the middle of the sea. By night, the skywalk gains a new charm thanks to the glamorous lighting works, which, coupled with the lighting works on the nearby Namhangdaegyo Bridge, provide an enchanting nightscape.

  • Amisan Observatory

    Amisan Observatory

    The optimum place to watch the natural scenes of Nakdonggang Estuary such as sand cays, migratory birds and sunsets. The Amisan Observatory is visited by tourists worldwide forits observatory, exhibition hall, and information center.

  • Jeolyeong Beach Trail

    Jeolyeong Beach Trail

    This place, designated as one of the top 5 coastal roads, features walls filled with tile art and various acupressure plates that are very popular among residents as well as tourists.

Tour Spot

  • Gukje Market

    Gukje Market

    This has become more famous thanks to the recent movie called “Gukjesijang.” At first, this market was used as a place where Japanese sold war materials after Korea’s independence. Consisting of the Nampo-dong and Bupyeong Night Markets, as well as the Changseon-dong Eatery Alley, etc., it forms a large-scale tourist attraction.

  • Jagalchi Market

    Jagalchi Market

    Jagalchi Marketis famous forthe slogan, “Come, See, and Buy.” Itis a place where you can feelthe unique friendliness of Busan. A selected fish can be sliced on the spot for you to eat raw.
    Watching a flopping fish cleaned into sliced raw fish is in itself an amazing scene. Jagalchi Market is a must-see place for tourists.

  • Gamchun Culture Village

    Gamchun Culture Village

    This village, with its rows of terraced houses standing along the mountainside, is referred to as the Machu Picchu of Korea.
    Beautiful murals that decorate the village art project as well as the winding streets and alleyways that criss-cross the area add an exotic charm and allow visitors to explore this unique village. Due to the growing number of tourists, it stands tall on behalf of Busan. Why don’t you come and have a fun time here searching for each viewpoint and taking pictures of the village’s many oddities, murals and unique landscape? Little Prince and Desert Fox and Forming a Whole with Gamcheon are recommended photo zones.

  • Haeundae Cine Road

    Haeundae Cine Road

    Haeundae Cine Road extends from Dongbaek Island to the Yacht Center. It features trick art on the ground as well as a 10 Million viewers Movies Zone, Animated zones, Haeundae Background Movie Zone, and more. You can also appreciate the sculptures and hand prints in Santorini Square.

  • Dongbaek Island

    Dongbaek Island

    Located at the southern end of Haeundae Beach, Dongbaek Island creates a picturesque scene in harmony with a thick forest of camellias and pine trees. Tourist attractions in Dongbaek Island include a walking path and the Nurimaru APEC House built for the 2005 APEC summit.

  • Huinnyeoul Culture Village

    Huinnyeoul Culture Village

    The neighborhood was born when Korean War refugees flocked to this area and provides an unhindered view of both the Busan hang and Namhang Ports. A major backdrop of the acclaimed Korean movie, The Attorney, the neighborhood was also featured in yet another Korean hit, Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time.
    The small houses that stand shoulder to shoulder form the signature look of Busan, which is often remembered as a city of the sea and hilly neighborhoods. The village continues to attract an increasing number of visitors with its new cafes, workshops, and guesthouses.

Historical Site

  • Beomeosa Temple

    Beomeosa Temple

    A temple founded by Buddhist Master Uisang during King Mumnu’sreign in Silla is one of the three major temples in the Yeongnam Region including Haeinsa Temple and Tongdosa Temple. With a trailthrough a grove of soaring bamboo stalks and blooming apricotflowers in spring, it is a serene spot to feel peace and quiet.

  • Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

    Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

    It is said that at least one of the wishes of someone who prayssincerely at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is surely granted. Why don't you make a wish in front of the Buddha statues bearingdifferent names from Buddha of Granting a Son to the Buddhafor Academic Achievement? The endless extended blue sea at thesouthernmost end of the East Sea will make your wishes moreearnest.

  • UN Memorial Cemetery

    UN Memorial Cemetery

    Let's look around the first UN-related memorial hall in Busan. It iscomposed of diverse exhibition halls which reproduce scenes ofthe Korean War. You can look around themed places such as the permanent exhibition halls, special exhibitions, a 4-D theater, andobservatory. Also, UN Memorial Park is a great place where you canenjoy the beauty of nature in the city.

  • Dongnae Eupseong

    Dongnae Eupseong

    The district of Dongnae-gu perhaps has the most stories and is the most historical of all districts that make upmodern-day Busan. It is also home to the millennium-old Dongnaeeupseong Fortress, which was one of the mostcontested battlegrounds during the Imjin Korea–Japan War. From atop the fortress, you can view the entiretyof Haeundae-gu and Geumjeong-gu. The most famous features of the fortress are the North Gate (Bukmun)and the long trail along the exterior wall. The adjacent Jang Young-sil Science Park, Bokcheon Museum, andDongnaeeupseong History Museum provide all the more reasons to visit this historic place. The DongnaeeupseongHistory Festival takes place every October. The Barefoot Trail and the Cypress Trail provide excellent opportunitiesfor therapeutic walks and meditation.


  • Dongnae Hakchum class

    Dongnae Hakchum class

    Learn how to dance the Dongnae Hakchum, a traditional dance that originated from theDongnae area in Busan. The program is open to persons of all ages. Program Dongnae Hakchum class, Dongnae Hakchum in full costume, and photography sessions.

  • Lotte Giants Baseball

    Lotte Giants Baseball

    The Sajik Baseball Stadium forms thecentral feature of the vast Busan SajikSports Complex, renowned for its capacity to accommodate a wide range of sportingevents and activities. Since 1986, the stadiumhas been the home base for the Lotte Giants,a major presence in the Korean professionalbaseball league. The baseball stadium is agreat place to enjoy good snacks and watchthrilling ball games. It becomes particularly exciting with the unique cheering culture oflocal citizens that involves the use of scrapnewspapers and plastic bags. The LotteGiants Baseball Museum on thesecond floor displays a widecollection of articles that attestto the history of the home team.
    The cheering culture of LotteGiants’ local fans is so unique and fun that it was even featuredin The New York Times in 2014.

  • Beomeosa Temple Stay

    Beomeosa Temple Stay

    Beomeosa has a 1300 year-old history. Beomeosa Temple stay is not only about Buddhism but a cultural-experience program(108 bows, Communal Buddhist Meal Service(Balwoo gongyang), Community work(Ulyeok), Tea Ceremony(Dahdo) etc.) to help you understand Korea better, in addition to experiencing aKoreanBuddhist monastic life.

  • Hanbok Experience Hall

    Hanbok Experience Hall

    You can enjoy the small exhibition of the Hanbok, put on Hanbok at Hanbok Experience hall in BEXCO.

  • Gijang Culture Decorum Youth Center

    Gijang Culture Decorum Youth Center

    Equipped with a large outdoor plaza, where visitors can enjoy and experience the Korean traditional culture (Hanbok, Samulnori, etc).


10 mins Distance from BEXCO

Department Stores, Duty Free Shops, Traditional Markets

  • Shinsegae Department Store & Duty Free Shop

    Shinsegae Department Store & Duty Free Shop

    The Shinsegae Centum City Department Store is registered in the Guinness World Records as the largest shopping complex in the world. The department store has a countless number of items all under one roof. Visitors can also enjoy numerous entertainment options in the complex. Shinsegae, which opened the first department store in Korea, reflects decades of retail experience in this flagship location. Some of the various entertainment facilities available include a spa and an ice rink.

  • Haeundae Market

    Haeundae Market

    Busan Haeundae Traditional Market is a popular attraction most often visited during vacation seasons due to the fact that it is conveniently located near Haeundae Beach. There are many things to see and buy as well as much to eat as the market offers a wide range of products for sale. Fresh vegetables, meat and seafood are available at low prices as well.

  • Lotte Department Store

    Lotte Department Store

    Located at Centrum City, Lotte Department Store offers everything for both shopping and entertainment (Lotte Cinema). Unlike other department stores, it has luxurious interior designs and outstanding amenities for customers. Customers will find professional services along with top-notch brand items in Lotte Department Store. The tenth floor houses Sunshine Park while the second floor offers the restaurant & cafe Harrods. Each floor in Lotte Department Store will bring something unique that cusotmers have not experienced before.

  • Centum Homeplus

    Centum Homeplus

    Home Plus Centum City is the largest retail store in Busan. It is just 3 minutes away from the subway and bus stations. It also offers brand-name apparel outlets, home appliances, groceries and so on.


  • Geodae-Galbi


    Address: 22, Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu

    The restaurant is luxurious beef dish specialty restaurant with good atmosphere. When you order a dish, pumpkin soup, sliced green onions and mul-kimchi are served.

  • GeobukseonHoet-jip


    Address: 69, Dalmaji-gil 62beon-gil, Haeundae-gu

    Geobukseon is a sashimi restaurant with 25 years of tradition. Variou side dishes sumptuously prepared will bring the true flavor of sashimi. In particular, spicy fish soup made using the house recipe is very popular.

  • Geumsubokguk Haewoondae Branch

    Geumsubokguk Haewoondae Branch

    Address: 23, Jungdong 1-ro 43beon-gil, Haeundae-gu

    Founded in 1970, the restaurant has been making only blowfish dish. After long efforts to establish good culinary culture, the house has established the tradition in popular blowfish restaurant today.

  • Nakji Bokkeum Gaemijip

    Nakji Bokkeum Gaemijip

    Address: 38, Daecheon-ro, Haeundae-gu

    The restaurant has franchise over entire Busan region, and uses its in-house made seasonings to produce foods that are spicy and fragrant. Also, the restaurant uses only the freshest materials from Busan, including fresh octopus and plump shrimps.

  • Yeyije


    Address: 29, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro 298beon-gil, Haeundae-gu

    It is a Korean restaurant that serves natural ingredients combined with care, from appetizer to dessert. You will exclaim every time great tasting course meal is served.

  • Kitchen Dongbaek

    Kitchen Dongbaek

    Address: 85, Dalmaji-gil 117beonga-gil, Haeundae-gu

    It is an Italian restaurant with great view of Haewoondae moon. Great foods, and classy atmosphere.

  • Haewoondae Gaya Milmyeon

    Haewoondae Gaya Milmyeon

    Address: 27, Jwadongsunhwan-ro, Haeundae-gu

    The restaurant is a milmyeon (buckwheat noodle) specialty restaurant located near Joongdong Station in Haewoondae.



  • Busan Museum

    Busan Museum

    The Busan Museum, offers seven regular exhibition rooms spread over three floors in addition to the Kiln Exhibition Hall, and the Outdoor Exhibition Hall. Opened in 1978, the museum has taken on a leading role in preserving traditional culture in Busan by obtaining a wealth of relics from strong excavation efforts, generous donations and purchases, and by meticulous research.

  • Korea National Maritime Museum

    Korea National Maritime Museum

    Exhibitions at the National Maritime Museum encompass all aspects of marine and ocean life. These include the culture, history, famous figures in the industry, maritime vessels, ocean creatures, ocean life experience, maritime industry, marine territory and development and ocean science. It is by far one of the top maritime museums in Korea.

  • Museum of Contemporary Art Busan

    Museum of Contemporary Art Busan

    The Museum of Contemporary Art Busan(MOCA Busan) is a Busan-based public art museum which focuses on contemporary art and is located on beautiful Eulsukdo Island known for its diversity of birds and lovely reeds. While the art museum was inaugurated on June 16 2018, the construction was completed in 2017. It spans an area of 15,312m2located on a 29,900m2 plot of land, and the size of the total exhibition space is 5910m2. As the name suggests, it aims to introduce a new trend in the arts, focusing on contemporary art including new media art.


  • CGV Centum City

    CGV Centum City

    Located on the 7th floor in Shinsegae Centum City Department Store.

  • CGV Haeundae

    CGV Haeundae

    Located on the 2nd floor in Lamuette building where is right next to exit 7 of Haeundae Station.

  • Lotte Cinema Centum City

    Lotte Cinema Centum City

    Located on the 8thfloor in Lotte Department Store.


Emergency Calls

Refund Registration Fee and Cancellation Policy
Name Telephone
Busan City Call Center 051-120
Counseling Center 1577-7716
Police Station 112
Fire, Rescue 119
Directory Assistance (Area Code) +114
Directory Assistance for Local and
Nationwide Numbers for Foreigners
International Collect Call 0077
International Telegram Service 07795
First Aid Patient 129
Korea Travel Hotline
Information Provided 24 Hours a Day in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese

Emergency Procedures

Refund Registration Fee and Cancellation Policy
Emergency Procedures
  • When an earthquake with big shaking occurs, please protect yourselves from collapse of exhibits and failing objects.
    (hide under tables, move to a large space away from danger)
  • Stop demonstrating equipment, close gas taps, and take other fore prevention measures.
  • Exit buildings through emergency doors as soon as the shaking stops, paying attention to fallen objects.
  • The exhibition host will make announcements; please follow the instructions.
  • Please extinguish fire at an early stage using an extinguisher.
  • When necessary, call 119 directly, make evacuation guidance for visitors and evacuate from the emergency exits to the outside.
  • Make sure to inform the Secretariat.
Accidents, Injuries
  • Secure the safety of the injured, prevent secondary accidents, and inform others.
  • When necessary, call an ambulance and make evacuation guidance in order to avoid secondary accidents.
  • Make sure to inform the Secretariat.
Those Who Are Ill
  • Guide them to rest spaces in the exhibition halls, use the first aid kits prepared at the secretariat office in BEXCO
  • When necessary, call an ambulance.
  • In the case of an emergency during the exhibition period including bringing-in and removing, please make sure to inform the Secretariat. When an evacuation is necessary, please guide visitors to the nearest emergency exits. Also, inform staff of the nearest emergency exits in advance.

Map of Emergency Exits, Evacuation Space, and others