Abstract Submission


The 74th World Foundry Congress will be held with motto ‘Cast the Future’ based on our deep appreciation and respect to our seniors and their endeavor including broadly understood thematic blocks divided into 10 sessions and the special sessions and the WFO ferrous forum:

Technical Sessions

  • 1. Ferrous Casting
  • 2. Casting Process
  • 3. Mold and Core Making
  • 4. Continuous Casting
  • 5. Non-Ferrous Casting
  • 6. Die-Casting
  • 7. Smart Factory and 3D Printing
  • 8. Simulation
  • 9. New Casting Materials
  • 10. Quality Control

Special Sessions (Special sessions are purposively organized as parts of technical sessions)

  1. Ecology, Strategy and Management

    This session ofers the recent cutting–edge policy planning and strategy making covering ecology, safety, energy and environment, human rights, new ICT foundry technology, business model, and so on. Invited lectures only.

  2. Young Researcher’s Training Seminar

    This training session warmly encourages inexperienced young foundry researchers to speak up their ideas and research progresses at the global congress environment. Students and apprentices are all welcome for 10 min.’s oral presentations. Special awards will be given to the outstanding presenters.

  3. Introduction of Asian Foundry (Jointly organized with the China Foundry Association)

    This session provides a new business opportunity for the global foundry society with a step forward understanding of Asian Foundries. The representatives of each Asian country will introduce the current status of their foundry and future development planning.

  4. Introduction of Korea Foundry

    As a part of regular fall meeting of Korea Foundry Society 2020, this session ofers the Korean foundry history, the hidden secret of Korean foundry technology, the current status and problems, the future strategic planning, and the Top 30 devoted Korean foundries. Most of the presentations will be made by the previous presidents of the Korea Foundry Society in Korean and supported by the simultaneous interpretation..

WFO Ferrous Forum (Concurrently organized with ferrous metals Working Group of WFO)

With the topic of “Innovative development in cast iron and steel”, the contents of the forum are related to production technology, scientifc research, environmental protection, quality inspection, industry development and forecasting in the feld of cast iron and steel.

At the registration desk, the digital version of the 74WFC Proceedings (pdf) will be distributed to participants.

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