Plenary Speakers

※This version is for the 74th WFC 2020. It is subject to change according to the circumstances in 2022.

Plenary Speakers

Emeritus Professor Doru
M. Stefanescu, USA

University of Alabama & Ohio State University

Presentation Title :
21st Century Progress in Understanding the Effect of Minor/Trace Elements on the Microstructure and Soundness of Iron Castings

Professor Qingyan Xu, China

Tsinghua University

Presentation Title :
Modeling and Simulation of Directional Solidification Process of Ni-based Superalloy Turbine Blade Casting

Professor Adel Nofal, Egypt

CMRDI (Central Metallurgical Research & Development Institute)

Presentation Title :
Recent Trends in Metallurgy, Processing and Applications of ADI

The late Professor Wilson Luiz Guesser, Brazil

State University of Santa Catarina & Tupy Foundry

Presentation Title :
Thermomechanical Fatigue of Gray and Compacted Graphite Irons

A ceremony to commemorate his death will be in 2022 WFC.

Professor Akira Sugiyama, Japan

Osaka Sangyo University

Presentation Title :
Direct Observation, Modeling and Validation for Numerical Simulation

Professor Babette Tonn, Germany

Technical University of Clausthal

Presentation Title :
Cast Alloys – a Key for Innovative Products

※ This program is subject to change.