Program Committee

Role Name Affiliation Position
Chief of Program Committee Yoo, Seung-Mok KITECH Executive Managing Director
Program Committee Lee, Sang-Hwan KITECH Principal Researcher
Park, Joo-Hyun Hanyang University Professor
Kim, Jeong-Min Hanbat National University Professor
Hyun, Soong-Keun Inha University Professor
Hwang, Ho-Young KITECH Principal Researcher
Yim, Young-Hoon Anycasting Software Co., Ltd Director
Park, Joon-Pyo RIST Chier Researcher
Park, Jin-Young KITECH Chier Researcher
Hong, Sung-Kil Chonnam University Professor
Cho, Jae-Ik KITECH Chier Researcher
Park, Eun-Soo Seoul National University Professor
Lee, Kee-Ahn Inha University Professor
Lee, Je-Hyun Changwon National Universty Professor
Cho, Soo-Youn Korea Polytechnic Colleges Professor
Kang, Min-Cheol 3D Printing Research Organization Executive Director
Kang, Sung-Woo Inha University Professor
Lee, Man-Sig KITECH Managing Director
Jang, Keun Inductotherm Group Korea Professor
Han, Beom-Suk KATECH Managing Director
Kim, Hyoung-Wook KIMS Principal Researcher
Kim, Sang-Hoon KIET Research Fellow
Lee, Joon-Ho Korea University Professor
Chang, Si-Young Korea Aerospace University Professor
Kwon, Yong-Nam KIMS Head of Department
Kim, Hee-Soo Chosun University Professor
Kim, Da-Hye KITECH Principal Researcher
Kim, Dong-Eung KITECH Principal Researcher
Jung, Hyun-Do KITECH Senior Researcher
Kim, Moon-Jo KITECH Senior Researcher