Plenary Speaker

Plenary Speaker

Prof. Doru Stefanescu, USA

Professor Emeritus of University of Alabama & Ohio State University

Presentation Title :
21st Century Progress in Understanding the Effect of Minor/Trace Elements on the Microstructure and Soundness of Iron Castings

Prof. Qingyan Xu, China

Tsinghua University

Presentation Title :
Modeling and Simulation of Directional Solidification Process of Ni-based Superalloy Turbine Blade Casting

Prof. Adel Nofal, Egypt

CMRDI (Central Metallurgical Research & Development Institute)

Presentation Title :
Recent Trends in Metallurgy, Processing and Applications of ADI

Prof. Wilson Luiz Guesser, Brazil

UDESC (State University of Santa Catarina) & Tupy Foundry

Presentation Title :
Thermomechanical Fatigue of Gray and Compacted Graphite Irons

Prof. Akira Sugiyama, Japan

Osaka Sangyo University

Presentation Title :
Direct Observation, Modeling and Validation for Numerical Simulation

Prof. Babette Tonn, German

TU Clausthal (Technical University of Clausthal)

Presentation Title :
Cast Alloys – a Key for Innovative Products

※ This program is subject to change.